Our Sustainability Journey

We’re on a journey to become the most sustainable lifestyle bag and travel luggage company in the world.

We want future generations of travelers to experience the beauty of the planet the way we do today, which is why we’re committed to protecting and conserving our environment.

From how we design and make our products, to becoming carbon neutral, and how we look after our people and communities—our devotion to being your safe and responsible travel companion is at the heart of everything we do.

Inspiring Travellers

We know you are as passionate about travelling responsibly as we are. Together, we are building a community of customers around the world who share our sustainability values. We created our #PassionsBeyondGreen campaign to promote our eco-friendly collections, use of sustainable materials and comprehensive product warranties.

Innovative Products

We design our products to have a long life, and to add value to yours. We’re increasing our use of sustainable materials, expanding our repair center networks and integrating cutting-edge anti-microbial technology into our products to keep you safe and keep your luggage in great condition.

We focus on durability to lengthen the lifespan of our products and minimize our contribution to the world’s waste problem.

Our warranties protect customers against any manufacturing defects and avoid the waste of replacement products.

We give waste products a second life by increasing our use of innovative recycled materials.

Our RecyclexTM fabric is made from 100% recycled plasitc bottles, diverting 52 million plastic bottles from landfill since 2018.

All our luggage linings use Recyclex™ fabric, made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, which has diverted 52 million plastic bottles from landfills since 2018.


To better protect you when you travel, we use anti-microbial protection on our fabrics to prevent the growth of microbes and bacteria.

Our products can be repaired worldwide, so you never need to replace them unnecessarily.

We have over 200 repair centers in more than 65 countries worldwide.

Carbon Action

We are making positive changes to minimize our impact on the climate,
with the goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2025.

By 2025, we aim to reduce our global carbon emissions across our operations, products and packaging by 15%.

We’re committed to using 100% renewable energy in all our owned and operated facilities by 2025.

We’re passionate about reversing deforestation. To date, we have supported the planting of 738,000 trees, which helps protect endangered species and ecosystems, absorb carbon from the atmosphere and enhance quality of life for local communities.

Thriving Supply Chain

We want American Tourister to be a force for good, helping businesses, communities and people thrive wherever we source and sell our luggage.

We’re continually improving the processes in our supply chain, to protect and respect the human rights of everyone we work with.

Our suppliers meet our Ethical Charter standards, so we can guarantee that everyone we work with acts fairly and responsibly.

In 2019, we completed 314 audits of 288 tier-1 factories to make sure they adhere to our high standards and responsible sourcing policies.

People-focused Ethos

Nothing we do would be possible without our incredible people. Their passion and commitment are the reason we will become the most sustainable travel luggage company in the world.

We empower our people to reach their potential by offering everyone valuable development opportunities.

Our new global HR platform, Ask Athena, improves how our people access important information about their pay, benefits and holidays, as well as the processes and programs we use to recruit, train and develop our staff.

We’re committed to a culture that is as diverse and vibrant as the world we travel. Our worldwide workforce is over 50% female, and our goal is to be gender balanced in key roles by 2030.

Supporting communities

We’re always looking for ways to give back. We encourage and empower
our people to actively support the communities where we all live and work.

Our community empowerment goals:

– To protect Earth’s beautiful places through reforestation and
conservation projects.
– To promote wellbeing by giving to organizations that support
those facing physical and mental health issues.
– To support programs that empower vulnerable communities
around the world.

Since 2015, we have been supporting the communities around us by helping to provide vital infrastructure and equipment for local schools and villages.

Environmental, Social & Governance Report

Read our full 2019 Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) report here:

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